This film is the type of amazingness that I aspire to in my daily life. <33 =]
baha =] If you haven't seen Gilmore Girls, you're probably very confused. I pity you. teehee =] LOVE YOU ALL <33
This weeks band is;;*drumroll, please* =]
Gregory and the Hawk.
Aw. Their music is so beautiful and inspiring. =] Here's a few youtube videos of their songs =] (I couldn't find any of *their* videos so please note these are purely for their music =]] )
Check them out on myspace; Buy their music on iTunes! =] all photos found via and their purevolume page.
Sorry this has to be a quicky post! It's been a long day. =[ Love you all so much!!
This show owns my heart;;
These girls inspire me like no other. I adore them!! <33 Hope you're having a great Thursday <3
Taylor =]
Wootwoot, almost done. haha this is probably waaay more than you ever wished to know about me. teehee here we go again!! Last post today, I promise ;]

86. I hate arguments...

87. I hateee seafood. I don't eat anything that lives in water.

88. I've always wanted to be a vegitarian, but I just love chicken toooo much! haha

89. I wear a tanktop under absolute everything. My favorite tank tops ever come from Express. <33

90. I procrastinate just about everything. It's horrible!

91. I break for squirels! =]

92. I don't get embarrassed easily anymore thanks to a certain moment in the 4th grade... My best friend and I decided to swap clothes one day and she tied my pants waaaay too tight she could hardly get them off. Needless to say, I couldn't get them all the way on. I had to walk outside with everyone waiting for their parents to pick them up with my pants about 5 inches down from where they needed to be. Then to make it even worse, my mom saw me from across the lawn and screamed at me to pull my pants up. I wanted to DIE right then and there. Ever since that moment, it takes a LOT for me to get embarrassed, and I ALWAYS wear cute underwear =]

93. I was a dental assistant for my dad for 3 summers when I was 15-17. =] It was a fun experience and something not many people can say.

94. I'm a night owl =] I have been since I was verrry little! I haven't gone to bed before midnight in yearrrs.

95. I get distracted very easily. This becomes problematic while I'm trying to study or do homework.

96. My middle name is Ann

97. My hair grows suuper fast. This can be awesome sometimes, and suuuck sometimes. I hate when I get a haircut I love and then a month later it looks completely different and is much longer.

98. I have a terrible sense of direction. Without my GPS, I would never be able to find anything. haha =]

99. I love polka dots and bows =]

100! I don't like to sleep with my socks on and if I do fall asleep with them on, they always end up coming off sometime during the night.

Wowowow that was crazy =] I hope you had fun! I did! Have a great night lovelies! =]
61. I am addicted to lipgloss and gum =] One time [a while ago] I counted and had over 50 lip glosses and have gotten even more since =] teehee

62. I was in an anti-tobacco coalition [anti corporation;; not anti-smoker] and with my group I went to Washington DC twice to meet with congress members. We got our local college to go smoke free, and consequently BSU went smoke-free as well. We got the hospitol to go smoke-free as well and bowling alleys too!

63. I don't drink soda except on the rare occasion. I need to get better about this again. =]

64. I love, love, love high heels. I just don't wear them very often anymore. They're just so fun. =]

65. I have always wanted to have my own little fashion line. I love clothes! =] I have little doodles and sketches that some day I hope to actually make!

66. I save movie ticket stubs =] I have a very thick pile and collection of them.

67. I love to doodle. Every note book I have is full of random little doodles. During class when I'm supposed to be taking notes I'm usually drawing instead =]

68. I'm very shy when I first meet people. I just never know what to say!

69. I'm allergic to soso many things!! Cats, dust, mold, grass, certain weeds and trees, ect... Gah!

70. I love ivy, especially on houses and pretty buildings. I hope to have a house of my own one day with ivy on the side. =] <3

71. I love big sunglasses! I have so many pairs! Little sunglasses just look silly on me.

72. I love sitting on roof tops and looking at stars.

73. Growing up, my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are. When I was about 2 I memorized the entire book. My mom thought I was a genious. Then one day I had it upside down. teehee =] I was so excited when the movie came out, I thought it was gorgeous. <3

74. My least favorite words are vomit and puke. Ewww.

75. Elsie Flannagin is currently my hero =] haha she's the reason I started blogging and the reason I got back into crafting. Check out her blog at I promise you'll be hooked =]

76. I am the oldest of 5 kids and I love my siblings with all my heart. They make me laugh nonstop and I miss them terribly.

77. My mom is my hero. She's the glue that holds us together and does so much. I hope one day that I can be as strong and as amazing as she is. <33

78. I have one dimple on the left =]

79. I was born with jet black hair that fell out and gave way to super duper blonde that then turned brown.

80. I have back dimples and I love them =]

81. I have horrrrible hand eye coordination, trying to play video games is just a joke, I'm so bad! haha

82. I cannot parrallel park unless there is a huuuge space for me. It's reaaaly sad.

83. Christmas is my *favorite* time of the year.

84. Lillies are my favorite flower.

85. I hate the color comination of black and brown. Those colors should never go together.
Oh goodness! This is taking foreverr haha hope you're enjoying them!! =]

51. I never use up an entire bottle of purfume or lotion, especially if I really like it. I'll use up half the bottle then go buy a new one. I hate the idea of not having it, even if that means I don't use it often. Don't ask me why! haha I just have always been like that. =]

52. I love post secrets. Don't know what it is? Go here. People send in their secrets on post cards.. I love reading them. Sometimes if ones are like secrets I have it makes me feel so much better. Like maybe I'm not alone in [enter thing here]. One of them in particular really hit me and I have a picture of it hanging on my wall. It was nothing special just a blank post card... On it reads "I want to do more than just... exist." I try to live my life in a way that I'm not just simply existing, I'm living. I saw this postsecret when I was in a low place in my life. Ever since I have tried to follow it and do more than just exist. Thank you to the person who sent this is. You changed my life.

53. I really love music. I know that is kind of obvious with my Sunday spotlights and with other things I've said about it, but I really honestly love it. I sometimes spend hours at a time finding new bands and getting new songs. I have thousands upon thousands of songs on my external harddrive. Music is my form of escaping and I turn to it a lot. Lyrics are mostly what I listen to, it's nice to have a good beat, but songs without beautiful lyrics just don't ever stand out to me as 'amazing'.

54. I am way too quick to see my flaws and others perfections and compare the two. This is something I need to work on and I know it. 

55. I don't drink and I don't ever want to. I don't like the idea of not remembering what happened or not having full control over my body and my actions. I can have fun without using a mind altering substance. I've seen the negative affects of alcohol way too often to even try it. I won't judge you if you do drink, but I personally don't.

56. I try my hardest to live my life with no regrets. This is something I really honestly believe in. At the time what you did is what you wanted to do, even if it isn't any more. Life is way too short to spend all your time dwelling on how things could have been had you not made such and such decision. Live for now, learn from then.

57. I have a weakness for Desperate Housewives. So dramatic, often ridiculous, so addictive. I own all but one season. =]

58. I love quirky fun nicknames; Taisy, Taybeelou, Tayloe, ect. They make me smile. =]

59. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, all I know is I want to be great. I want to be the best ME because there's only one and there will never be a duplicate. =] 

60. I love getting letters or personal emails. They don't happen often any more, but when they do they brighten my day. I always keep all letters and emails that I get. <3
36. I hate the sound of metal scraping against teeth. I can stand nails on a chalkboard, but scraping teeth with metal kills me. =/

37. I am told I say the word 'orange' wierd. I don't believe this at all but that's what some people say *ahem...* ;] haha

38. I don't like to give up on things and I am constantly trying to push myself to do more, do better.

39. I love court TV;; Divorce Court, Judge Alex, The People's Court. Ohhh dear soo intertaining. haha!

40. I often make 'innappropriate' "that's what she said" or sexual innuendos... teehee =]

41. I absolutely love photography. I have files and files and files in my comptuer of gorgeous photography. Photographers amaze me. =]

42. I absolutely love surprises. Not 'wait and see' surprises, but completely out of the blue 'just because' surprises. They're amazing. =]

43. I secretly love Twilight books. Ever since the whole "Twihard" nonsense that happened when the movies came out, I don't admit to that very often. haha the books are seriously amazing though!

44. I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. =] Read all the books, saw all the movies [so far for the H.P. ones] Love them. =]

45. Romantic comedies are my absolute favorite. I love chick flicks! 99% of all the movies I own are chick flicks. This sucks when you're sad and just wanting to watch some angry bloody anti-love movies. So I also have a few of those movies just in case =] haha! 

46. I love to sing...when I'm alone. I get way to nervous singing in front of people! I took voice lessons for 6 or 7 years when I was younger. =]

47. It takes a lot for me to seriously dislike someone. I think I have only ever hated one person before and that was for a very good reason.

48. I save all clothing tags that are unique or cute. This is something I've always done. Especially with Urban Outfitters tags =] I tape them to the front of my desk.

49. I love designer purses. =] Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Coco Chanel... Ahh... I always have to hold myself back when I pass a designer store. *be still my heart...* ;]

50. I save all of my fortunes from fortune cookies in my wallet and put the particularly special ones on my dry erase board. =]
22. I currently live in Boise, Idaho and I am a freshman at Boise State University.

23. I am terrified of snakes and spiders. =/

24. I love dinosaurs a little too much =] My car is covered in dinosaur stickers and I have soso many little dino toys =]

25. I don't like not having nail polish on my toes so they're always bright and fun =]

26. I always make a wish on 11:11, shooting stars, and when I go over bridges.

27. I have a problem with electronics... They always seem to break on me! Especially phones. I went through 6 LG Chocolates in a year and a half, and so far about 4 LG Voyagers. I don't even know how I break them they just break =[

28. I love the show Gilmore Girls. I watched it growing up and I still will have Gilmore marathons where I will start with season one and go all the way through every single episode. =]

29. I love things that are pink. It's always been a color I love, but there's something so incredibly adorable about things that are bright pink;; cameras, laptops, straightners, blow dryers, phones...ect! =]

30. I love entering quirky contests like the Glamour Kills/Buzznet snowman drawing contest. I never win, but I have fun doing them. =]

31. I have been  the little fun size of 5'1" since I was in 8th grade.

32. I love coloring in coloring books. =] I have so many! It's fun to be a kid sometimes.

33. In high school I took a costume design class and helped design and make costumes for two plays, 4 runways, and modled for three runways.

34. I'm a pessimist. I've found that if you don't expect things to go perfectly or even how you want them to, you aren't let down as often. I know that's a horrible way to look at life but oh well. =]

35. I've never been outside of the country. But one day I want to travel all over Europe, especially in France and Italy. <3
Things I love...

11. I love quotes. I have an entire book dedicated to my favorite quotes and I write them down as I find them.
12. I absolutely love Hello Kitty. She's so adorable it's hard not to like her. =] My obsession started about two or three years ago. I have a hello kitty;; shaped clock, alarm clock, toaster, blanket, shirts, jewlery, an insane amount of figurines and stuffed animals, and that's just the begining. =]
13. I love old movies;; Breakfast at Tiffanys, Gone With the Wind, Casablanca, Some Like it Hot... Actresses like Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe are so gorgeous and inspiring. I have a big poster of Miss Audrey above my bed. =]
14. I love cute panties. I have so many it's kind of a joke. My underwear drawer is the only one packed to the brim. I've never counted them, but I'm sure I have enough to last me over 3 months.
15. I love French. I am in my second semester and the language is so beautiful. I have always wanted to learn and finally have time and the opportunity to. French movies are so gorgeous. I've mentioned this before but I absolutely adore the movie Amelie. And The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is one of the most awe inspiring films I've ever seen. Their accents, their culture, their clothing;; so gorgeous.
16. I love the rain. I love thunderstorms. I love the smell right after rain. It's like everything is clean and beautiful. If I could only smell one thing it would be that.
17. I love granny squares. This is a recently new love of mine. I have recently taken to collecting granny square blankets from thrift stores. When I finally open my Etsy store, look for lots of granny square accessories. =]
18. I love going to concerts. I wish there was a different one every other night! I don't like the sit down in a stadium concerts, I like the up right against the stage kind. <3
19. I love driving to the middle of no where all alone and with all the time in the world. For a while a year ago whenever I was having a bad day I would take off to my 'spot'. I drove on this road for miles and miles. Until it wasn't even a road anymore, just a dirt trail. No one and nothing was around for miles... just hills and grass and blue skies. It was so tranquil, so gorgeous.
20. I love trees. When I was little we had a tree in our backyard that we could climb. I loved it. I love tree 'skeletons' and I love gorgeous fall leaves. I take pictures of trees more than anything.
21. I love braclets. I always, always have at least 5 on. For a while I had 20 of the homemade 'best friend' braclets on my left wrist [below picture]. I think they're so fun to make and wear =] Now I have big chunky band braclets, a Lucky braclee Ron got me, and a few 'best friend' braclets. <3
I decided to do this in parts so it's not so overwhelming! =] Thank you all again for your support!!
1. I love color! But my two favorite colors are pretty purples and gorgeous greens =]
2.My favorite food is just about any kind of chicken and rice Asian style dish;; orange chicken, sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken, cashew chicken, ect. =] YUM!
3.Although I mostly listen to alternative, pop-rock, and acoustic;; Garth Brooks is one of my all time FAVORITE singers, hands down.
4.I don't really like sports but I have always *loved* Micheal Jordan
5.I have broken my leg, both arms, had stiches in my forhead, and on my knee [at different times of course haha] I am terribly accident prone =/
6.I absolutely LOVE decorating cakes and cupcakes. One of my favorite shows is Cake Boss on TLC =] Here are a couple pictures of cakes I've decorated;;
7.I absolutely adore the ocean and the beautiful creatures that live in it. Ever since the first time I went to Sea World as a little girl in California I have secretly wanted to be a marine biologist =}
8. I take pictures of almost everything, especially with my phone. I have 677 on one phone memory card;; 597 on another one. =]
9. I laugh constantly, especially when I'm nervous or in a new situation. hehe =] sometimes it gets me in trouble...
10.While some people have normal pets;; I've had 3 chinchillas. =]
All images found via weheartit and google.