Oh goodness! This is taking foreverr haha hope you're enjoying them!! =]

51. I never use up an entire bottle of purfume or lotion, especially if I really like it. I'll use up half the bottle then go buy a new one. I hate the idea of not having it, even if that means I don't use it often. Don't ask me why! haha I just have always been like that. =]

52. I love post secrets. Don't know what it is? Go here. People send in their secrets on post cards.. I love reading them. Sometimes if ones are like secrets I have it makes me feel so much better. Like maybe I'm not alone in [enter thing here]. One of them in particular really hit me and I have a picture of it hanging on my wall. It was nothing special just a blank post card... On it reads "I want to do more than just... exist." I try to live my life in a way that I'm not just simply existing, I'm living. I saw this postsecret when I was in a low place in my life. Ever since I have tried to follow it and do more than just exist. Thank you to the person who sent this is. You changed my life.

53. I really love music. I know that is kind of obvious with my Sunday spotlights and with other things I've said about it, but I really honestly love it. I sometimes spend hours at a time finding new bands and getting new songs. I have thousands upon thousands of songs on my external harddrive. Music is my form of escaping and I turn to it a lot. Lyrics are mostly what I listen to, it's nice to have a good beat, but songs without beautiful lyrics just don't ever stand out to me as 'amazing'.

54. I am way too quick to see my flaws and others perfections and compare the two. This is something I need to work on and I know it. 

55. I don't drink and I don't ever want to. I don't like the idea of not remembering what happened or not having full control over my body and my actions. I can have fun without using a mind altering substance. I've seen the negative affects of alcohol way too often to even try it. I won't judge you if you do drink, but I personally don't.

56. I try my hardest to live my life with no regrets. This is something I really honestly believe in. At the time what you did is what you wanted to do, even if it isn't any more. Life is way too short to spend all your time dwelling on how things could have been had you not made such and such decision. Live for now, learn from then.

57. I have a weakness for Desperate Housewives. So dramatic, often ridiculous, so addictive. I own all but one season. =]

58. I love quirky fun nicknames; Taisy, Taybeelou, Tayloe, ect. They make me smile. =]

59. I have no idea what I want to do with my life, all I know is I want to be great. I want to be the best ME because there's only one and there will never be a duplicate. =] 

60. I love getting letters or personal emails. They don't happen often any more, but when they do they brighten my day. I always keep all letters and emails that I get. <3

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