36. I hate the sound of metal scraping against teeth. I can stand nails on a chalkboard, but scraping teeth with metal kills me. =/

37. I am told I say the word 'orange' wierd. I don't believe this at all but that's what some people say *ahem...* ;] haha

38. I don't like to give up on things and I am constantly trying to push myself to do more, do better.

39. I love court TV;; Divorce Court, Judge Alex, The People's Court. Ohhh dear soo intertaining. haha!

40. I often make 'innappropriate' "that's what she said" or sexual innuendos... teehee =]

41. I absolutely love photography. I have files and files and files in my comptuer of gorgeous photography. Photographers amaze me. =]

42. I absolutely love surprises. Not 'wait and see' surprises, but completely out of the blue 'just because' surprises. They're amazing. =]

43. I secretly love Twilight books. Ever since the whole "Twihard" nonsense that happened when the movies came out, I don't admit to that very often. haha the books are seriously amazing though!

44. I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. =] Read all the books, saw all the movies [so far for the H.P. ones] Love them. =]

45. Romantic comedies are my absolute favorite. I love chick flicks! 99% of all the movies I own are chick flicks. This sucks when you're sad and just wanting to watch some angry bloody anti-love movies. So I also have a few of those movies just in case =] haha! 

46. I love to sing...when I'm alone. I get way to nervous singing in front of people! I took voice lessons for 6 or 7 years when I was younger. =]

47. It takes a lot for me to seriously dislike someone. I think I have only ever hated one person before and that was for a very good reason.

48. I save all clothing tags that are unique or cute. This is something I've always done. Especially with Urban Outfitters tags =] I tape them to the front of my desk.

49. I love designer purses. =] Dooney and Bourke, Coach, Coco Chanel... Ahh... I always have to hold myself back when I pass a designer store. *be still my heart...* ;]

50. I save all of my fortunes from fortune cookies in my wallet and put the particularly special ones on my dry erase board. =]

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