61. I am addicted to lipgloss and gum =] One time [a while ago] I counted and had over 50 lip glosses and have gotten even more since =] teehee

62. I was in an anti-tobacco coalition [anti corporation;; not anti-smoker] and with my group I went to Washington DC twice to meet with congress members. We got our local college to go smoke free, and consequently BSU went smoke-free as well. We got the hospitol to go smoke-free as well and bowling alleys too!

63. I don't drink soda except on the rare occasion. I need to get better about this again. =]

64. I love, love, love high heels. I just don't wear them very often anymore. They're just so fun. =]

65. I have always wanted to have my own little fashion line. I love clothes! =] I have little doodles and sketches that some day I hope to actually make!

66. I save movie ticket stubs =] I have a very thick pile and collection of them.

67. I love to doodle. Every note book I have is full of random little doodles. During class when I'm supposed to be taking notes I'm usually drawing instead =]

68. I'm very shy when I first meet people. I just never know what to say!

69. I'm allergic to soso many things!! Cats, dust, mold, grass, certain weeds and trees, ect... Gah!

70. I love ivy, especially on houses and pretty buildings. I hope to have a house of my own one day with ivy on the side. =] <3

71. I love big sunglasses! I have so many pairs! Little sunglasses just look silly on me.

72. I love sitting on roof tops and looking at stars.

73. Growing up, my favorite book was Where the Wild Things Are. When I was about 2 I memorized the entire book. My mom thought I was a genious. Then one day I had it upside down. teehee =] I was so excited when the movie came out, I thought it was gorgeous. <3

74. My least favorite words are vomit and puke. Ewww.

75. Elsie Flannagin is currently my hero =] haha she's the reason I started blogging and the reason I got back into crafting. Check out her blog at http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/ I promise you'll be hooked =]

76. I am the oldest of 5 kids and I love my siblings with all my heart. They make me laugh nonstop and I miss them terribly.

77. My mom is my hero. She's the glue that holds us together and does so much. I hope one day that I can be as strong and as amazing as she is. <33

78. I have one dimple on the left =]

79. I was born with jet black hair that fell out and gave way to super duper blonde that then turned brown.

80. I have back dimples and I love them =]

81. I have horrrrible hand eye coordination, trying to play video games is just a joke, I'm so bad! haha

82. I cannot parrallel park unless there is a huuuge space for me. It's reaaaly sad.

83. Christmas is my *favorite* time of the year.

84. Lillies are my favorite flower.

85. I hate the color comination of black and brown. Those colors should never go together.
1/26/2010 02:14:23 pm

ok i love you...im mean i loved you before and always will but reading these little blippits about you made me re-realize what an amazing person you are. I LOVE YOU!!! (and dont you forget it) :)


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