Wootwoot, almost done. haha this is probably waaay more than you ever wished to know about me. teehee here we go again!! Last post today, I promise ;]

86. I hate arguments...

87. I hateee seafood. I don't eat anything that lives in water.

88. I've always wanted to be a vegitarian, but I just love chicken toooo much! haha

89. I wear a tanktop under absolute everything. My favorite tank tops ever come from Express. <33

90. I procrastinate just about everything. It's horrible!

91. I break for squirels! =]

92. I don't get embarrassed easily anymore thanks to a certain moment in the 4th grade... My best friend and I decided to swap clothes one day and she tied my pants waaaay too tight she could hardly get them off. Needless to say, I couldn't get them all the way on. I had to walk outside with everyone waiting for their parents to pick them up with my pants about 5 inches down from where they needed to be. Then to make it even worse, my mom saw me from across the lawn and screamed at me to pull my pants up. I wanted to DIE right then and there. Ever since that moment, it takes a LOT for me to get embarrassed, and I ALWAYS wear cute underwear =]

93. I was a dental assistant for my dad for 3 summers when I was 15-17. =] It was a fun experience and something not many people can say.

94. I'm a night owl =] I have been since I was verrry little! I haven't gone to bed before midnight in yearrrs.

95. I get distracted very easily. This becomes problematic while I'm trying to study or do homework.

96. My middle name is Ann

97. My hair grows suuper fast. This can be awesome sometimes, and suuuck sometimes. I hate when I get a haircut I love and then a month later it looks completely different and is much longer.

98. I have a terrible sense of direction. Without my GPS, I would never be able to find anything. haha =]

99. I love polka dots and bows =]

100! I don't like to sleep with my socks on and if I do fall asleep with them on, they always end up coming off sometime during the night.

Wowowow that was crazy =] I hope you had fun! I did! Have a great night lovelies! =]
1/28/2010 04:34:33 pm

100 more reasons why I love you!!! You are amazing!!! I loved learning more about you! Always remember #77! ! ! I love ya!!!


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