Goodness it's been a while since I've blogged! Between finals and Christmas, my life has been hectic! How was your Christmas??!! Mine was [amazing]! I got a beautiful new Diana F+ with an instant back and I have been snap happy allll week long.
It's been amazing.
I also got this beautiful movie. It's what inspired me to continue on with French. If you haven't seen it, you need to immediately.
found at
I also got a lovely polariod camera that I am so incredibly beyond excited to start using! My parent's old one stopped working =[ so I finally caved in and purchased one from eBay! I also finally decided to do Elsie Flannagin and LA's style school which I am honestly beyond excited for. This is going to be so beyond amazing! Elsie is my style idol. My boyfriend makes soso much fun of me for how much I adore her. I am soso beyond excited to be able to get to find and refine my own adorable style with her help. =]

Today has been soso amazing. Dyed my hair a gorgeous red, spent an amazing 4 hours with my boyfriend, went to work, got the most gorgeous left over Christmas decor that I'm going to spray paint and make even more beautiful. I am beyond stoked about it. =] I hope your day was incredible as well!
<3 Taylor