I don't think my poor little heart can take anything else...
Grandma's veiwing today [horrible... she didn't look at all like herself... I couldn't look at her... I feel like a horrible person =/ ]
Then I get back to my other grandparents' house and the phone rings at 11:30 tonight [which right off the bat spells out b-a-d-n-e-w-s] and it was my great grandpa calling because my great grandma was having hallucinations and hearing things... So they took her to the ER and we are awaiting news...
But I was instantly distracted by my old really good friend telling me she's getting married to her boyfriend of 5 months in May. Oh goodness. So many people get married so young! I've always wanted to wait for quite a while.
And that was my Tuesday... How was yours?
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