Had to pack everything [didn't realize I had sooo much stuff I needed to bring back to boise with me;; then two big suitcases later, a steamer trunk, three packkked backpacks, and three reusable bags laterr, I realized I miight have a problem ;])
Then got to Boise, went to My Paper Camera's last show [soso sad! They are an incredible band, one of the best local bands I've ever heard. Check them out! =] ]
then went to chinese with miss Aubree
and now hot tubbing and hanging out in the hotel she works in! =] So sorry I haven't done my new weekly feature! I think I'm going to have to start it next week, so stay tuned! Hope you're having a great day! Mine has been busy and rainy!
Love you alll!
All photos found via weheartit and My Paper Camera's myspacee! 

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