Since I didn't get time to do a spotlight sunday this week I'm going to make up for it now!
This week it's the lovely and incredibly talented Kelsey Wild.
Haven't heard of her? Not many people have. This girl is 20 years old, from the windy city Chicago, has been writing music since 2004, and been inspiring me for about 4 years now. I had an incredibly difficult time finding her older songs that I love so incredibly much so here are a few that I could find =]
*note, the first two videos have the same little intro to them, but the songs are after that =]
She's pretty incredible huh? =]
The following are the songs I absolutely could not find anywhere else so I made a lovely little playlist for you =] These Eyes is one of my all time favorite songs. I wish so badly that she would record it professionally and release it on iTunes and/or put it back on her profiles. It's beautiful. =]
Go to her website, myspace, purevolume, and buy her music on iTunes =]
Tomorrow I will be starting to post daily again! Sorry I've been MIA!
I love you all so much!!

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