Was eventful!
First I got a little lost and [of course] forgot my GPS at my house. Yikes! Luckily I made a right turn somewhere and went right to where I needed to be! I got new craft supplies to make some ADORABLY earings from a Style School tutorial! [I'll post pictures later!]
I found... LACTOSE FREE milk! Not soy milk, real milk! If you're lactose intollerant like myself, you'd understand my excitment. I'm eating cereal tomorrow!! Yay!
I also found this incredibly funny fabric I had to talk myself down from
hehe =] I love it! Then on my way home I passed a strip club and on the billboard it told people to 'pray for snow' which I just found hilarious. Strippers telling people to pray. Is that even aloud?! Seemed a bit off to me... teehee ;]
Then came home and made the most delicious spaghetti =]
Now time to get down to business and do my homework! haha! Love you all!!
Taylor <3

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