This picture just made my day. <3
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This weekend has been spent alone in Boise doing French homework. But, in between my studying and homework, I made these bad boys.
Haha they're so ridiculously amazing! And sooo soft and comfy! I love them! I made them using this tutorial from Purl Bee =] They're a tad bit too big but I love themm! <3
I have gotten hardly any sleep this weekend, last night bed at 4 am and awake at 8:30, thanks to my Koreans slamming doors and being loud. Boo! So to get back at them, I "borrowed" some of their hot chocolate. shhh ;]
And hello, am I the only one who sees the heart there? I had to take a picture of it. =] haha
Well you lovely people, I am off to do even more homework.
Have a fantastic day. <3
2/21/2010 01:45:57 pm

LOVE the slippers! you amaze me miss creative! :) love ya


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