Art. After spending an hour in the Boise Art Museum today, I walked away with a new found appricaition of art. When they say a picture can say a thousand words, it really is true. These incredible artists tell a story with their work. They inspire people, they motivate people, they share their love and talent with the world and it is really incredible.
Here are just a select few of my favorite pieces from the museum. Please click on each picture in order to really get all the incredible detail.
Jeff Soto- Battle for Twin Palms
Darren Waterston- Origins
As lame as it may seem, when I saw the Darren Waterston picture, which by the way is gigantic, I literally gasped. It is honestly one of the most beautiful and incredible art piece I have ever seen. I fell in love.
Chuck Close- Lyle 2003
Alden Mason- Burpee Surprise Package
George Negroponte, Untitled
The video was on display by Chris Cunningham. The song is All is Full of Love by Bjork. Incredible video. The robots hooking up was a bit bizare, but regardless, it's still incredible.
I was terribly bummed that I couldn't find the exact Lisa Solomon pieces that were in the museum, but please look at her incredible work here and her blog here. She is becoming one of my new favorite artists. I especially love her embroidery pieces.
 There were so many incredible paintings and drawings, I wish I could find pictures of all of them! If you live near an art museum I definately incourage you to go immediately and appreciate all the incredible works of art!
What are you grateful for today??

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