Today I woke up at 9 and have been doing homework nonstop except for two little breaks in which I just did other things I needed to get done. So sorry for such a late post!
But I am incredibly grateful for TWO things today;;
Adorable good morning texts from that cute boy of mine that make me wake up with a smile and remind me I'm loved.
And my mom. Holy Hannah this woman is the definition of an INCREDIBLE mother who learned to be so amazing from my INCREDIBLE grandmother who learned it from my INCREDIBLE great grandmother. I hope one day my children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can say the same thing about me because I hope I can be as incredible as my mother and grandmother are and as amazing as my beautiful great grandmother was.
I was on the verge of a mental breakdown after 8 consecutive hours of homework and a simple call from my mom and I was laughing and suddenly feeling better.
I would be very lost without her in my life. If you haven't today, call your mom and tell her how amazing she is!
Hope you had an amazing Saturday and hope you have a great Sunday!!
Today [Sunday] is Miss Aubree's birthday!!
Go to her blog and wish her a happy 19th =]
I am going to go watch Thank You For Smoking and hopefully be inspired for my speech about the FDA regulation of tobacco. wootwoot! One thing not many people know about me is I used to be a hugeee anti-tobacco activist [anti-industry, not anti-smoker!!] I did work and I get really excited about bills that hurt the industry that produces the only product that if used as directed as a guaranteed death rate of 1/3 of all its users. It's about time these people had to pay for all the deaths they cause. And that is the only shpeel about how terrible the tobacco industry is, I promise =]
Have a great night beauties
3/6/2010 10:55:50 pm

ooh you are just too sweet!

Russie Edwards
3/7/2010 01:09:30 am

Taytay, I lovelovelove your blog. you are the most amazing girl and I hope you know it!! xoxoxoxoxox

3/7/2010 01:30:51 am

TAY!!! thanks for making my day! you are SO amazing!!! I LOVE YOU!

3/7/2010 05:36:10 am

Taylor thank you so much for the sweet things you wrote especially about your Mom and Great-Grandma! I love the picture and I had myself a good little cry seeing my beautiful Mom with us! You touch my heart and I love you more than words can say!!!

3/7/2010 05:58:33 am


Russ and Mom- I definately get my amazingness from you two. It's still a toss up about which one of you is my real mom. ;] haha!!! kidding =]] Love you both soso much!!!!

Grandma- I had myself a good cry looking at that picture too. I miss great grandma soso much. And I hope you know she was definately right when she told me that you are an angel. =] I love you so much!

3/7/2010 08:17:09 am

Thank you so much Tay!!! I've just had my second good cry of the day!!! I love you sososo much too!


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