This week I decided to spotlight on a band that has gone from the little band that no one knew [back when i lovedddd them!!] to a HUGE band that is going all over the world and having sold out shows everywhere. Who is this band, you might ask?
All Time Low.
I'm sad to report that they bring out my inner 12 year old teen girl. Alex [the main singer] and Jack [the guitarist] own my heart. Jack mostly because he reminds me of my own adorable boyfriend =]] and Alex because, well, that's a face that's hard to resist. ;] I've seen the three times and they were amazing each and every time! They're songs are so fun and catchy, you have to love them. Their newest cd, Nothing Personal, is severly lacking what I originally fell in love with on their Put Up or Shut Up EP, but is still an all together amazing cd. I have a hard time picking a favorite song of theirs, but it's probably a four way tie with The Girl's a Straight Up Hustler, Jasey Rae, Lullabies, and Coffee Shop Soundtrack from Put Up or Shut Up. Then of course Remembering Sunday from So Wrong, It's Right follows right behind. Here are a few fun videos =]
It's always fun to see a 'then' and 'now' video too. Here's one of their first songs, before Put Up or Shut Up.
and here's a 'now' video. =] Just a little forwarning;; there is some explict content at the very begining.
They're just so fun! =]] Check them out on myspace and purevolume. You can buy their music on itunes, Target, Walmart, and pretty much anywhere music is sold! <33 eek! =] teehee 
I forgot to mention;; They have a new song coming out on the Almost Alice cd, music inspired by the new Alice in Wonderland movie! SO excited! Look for it! =]
Last photo found via myspace, other three are mine.

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