So I kind of already did a mini-spotlight with Lights earlier this week =] haha but I decided to do another one just because it's ALWAYS fun to find new bands!!
This weeks band is both inspiring and incredible.
The Dangerous Summer
I have been in love with them since their EP-If You Could Only Keep Me Alive came out in 2007. Their new full-length came out last year and hasn't left my car stereo since. AJ [singer/bass player] has so much passion behind everything he sings which makes the songs that much more powerful. Their lyrics are beautiful and the music is equally amazing.
taken from their myspace bio...
 "In the vein of the honest and clear-cut rock of Jimmy Eat World, Third Eye Blind and the Foo Fighters, The Dangerous Summer have created their own tour de force devoid of a specific genre or particular audience. Anyone who appeals to hopes, futures and candidness will find a piece of themselves in Reach For The Sun. “We really just want people to remember the value of a good, memorable album,” Payne said. “We didn’t focus on any trends going on right now; we just wanted to write a good album that would last forever.” "
Their songs have been along side me during difficult times, and during happy times. I'm a person who all too often turns to music as a release for just about everything. I appreciate the fact that The Dangerous Summer is one of those bands who actually puts meaning behind their lyrics. Each and every song came from the bottom of their heart and that is very evident.
If you haven't heard them check them out on myspace or purevolume and their music can be purchased at iTunes, Smartpunk, FYE, Best Buy,, and Interpunk. For photo credit click each picture. <3
1/24/2010 11:45:40 am

mmm tayloe...i love me some ginger drummers. :)
love ya sweetie!


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