So sleep and I have fallen out of touch. He comes some time long after I've laid down and closed my eyes-usually makes an appearance around 3/4- rarely stays the whole night, and doesn't particularly like leaving me in the morning when my three [ no joke] alarms want me to wake up at 9. But then 9 turns into 10, and I finally drag myself out of bed. And today I got a MAGICAL surprise in my Reeses Puffs cereal [do not judge what you do not understand teehee]
Yes I realize-now- that it says on the box in BIG letters- PULL BACK CAR INSIDE! But in my half-asleep stuper that I am in while I grab that box every morning, I never really took the time to read the box. So you can imagine my surprise as all the sudden this black foriegn object comes rolling out of the box and into my bowl. Luckily I was just totally surprised and stoked about it instead of scared to death by it =] baha!
And that was my morning! =]
Taylor =]
p.s. if you haven't downloaded the Angels and Airwaves cd yet [few posts down] you should do it NOW! It's been on repeat all week. SUCH an incredible cd!

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